Issue: 7.x Installer loops indefinitely

Needs / Issues

  • Drupal 7.x installer loops indefinitely.


  • Drupal Developer;
  • Drupal Administrator.

Initial Setting

  • Configured root directory (web server can serve pages);
  • Configured database connection.


  • In website's root:
    1. Web server user needs read/write/execute on settings directory:
      chmod u+rwx WEBSITE_ROOT_DIR/sites/default
      Assuming the web server user owns the root directory.
    2. Default settings files needs to exist and be readable by web server user:
      chmod u+r WEBSITE_ROOT_DIR/sites/default/default.settings.php
      If default.settings.php is not found, you need to get it from a standard Drupal package.
  • In your web browser:
    1. Try to browse to your website;
    2. You should be able to carry on the installation and site configuration.
  • Back in website's root:
    1. Remove the write access on settings directory:
      chmod u-w WEBSITE_ROOT_DIR/sites/default

If your issue is still not solved, you can try the Drupal Documentation, or just send me a message.